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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sketchbook Series 2

Here are the very first sketches of my two robot mascots, who will eventually be finalized and animated for my website (robotclouds.com). They are also featured (the final two) in Ancient Curiosity.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Writer's Block

A piece developed for a gallery show in August.

Beneath the Plum Tree

Another older work. Love you Esther!

Spaced Out

Another older work.

Social Insecurities

This was an older work that got into the Society of Illustrators Scholarship Awards.


Older work titled "Glory To God"


Another older work I hope to go back into soon.

Kitty Lamp

A cat being used as a lamp for a genie's nefarious quest to free her friend.

Fishing For Sleep

Another older piece I've finally decided to upload.


Here is an old piece I did waaaaay back when. Thought I'd add it since I enjoyed it.

Sketchbook Series 1

If you click the image you will get a larger version where you can see my sketches. This is generally how I work. I use a japanese album which allows me to string sketches along for an entire sketchbook.

Ancient Curiosity

Here are my two mascots for my website (robotclouds.com) in yet another experimental painting!


An odd design piece I worked on in early June 2009.

Tinker in Troubleland

This piece was an experiment to see how gouache interacts with canvas. While I really enjoy the final product it became VERY clear that canvas and gouache are not meant to work with each other.

Hidden Under The Roots

Here is a piece I did for an art show last August (2009). It was mainly used as a study to see how I liked the interaction of guache on relatively high-quality hot-pressed watercolor paper. To make a long story short- it is now my surface of choice.